Philips HD7459/20


drip coffee maker, power: 1000 W, water tank: 1.2 l

Main (Philips HD7459/20)
Performance freestanding
Type drip coffee
Power 1, 000w
Housing material metal, plastic
Body color black, stainless steel
Design and capacity (Philips HD7459/20)
The water tank 1.2 l
Capacity for milk
The cooking process (Philips HD7459/20)
Volume adjustment portion
Built-in coffee grinder
Adjust the degree of grinding
Temperature adjustment
Adjusting the strength of the drink
Features (Philips HD7459/20)
Custom programs
Heated cups
Hot water
Adjusting the height of the cups
Proteocephalidae system
Automatic cleaning
Filter kit
Display display
Dimensions (Philips HD7459/20)
The number of servings 10
Height 32 sm
Width 24 sm
Depth 21 sm
Weight 1.94 kg
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